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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WASH Week two day one

Captain's log stardate 01252011.
Yesterday in WASH we brought in the sphere like things we fashioned out of cardboard and we also turned in the dot designs we did for 2D design. After we turned those in and took some notes we revisited our dot designs and had our group critique us and kind of point out our habits. I had tendencies to hug the corners with my dots, form straight lines, use only about three different size dots, and I colored them heavy. I also tended to create shapes that look like paw prints. We then had to create at least two new designs in proximity, similarity, and continuance that broke our habits. It was quite difficult and one of the designs actually stressed me out. In the 3D design portion of WASH we looked at everyone's spheres and a lot of them, mine included, weren't exactly sphere like. It was quite a difficult task to try to wrestle with the cardboard because it always wanted to be a box. Then we picked a random item out of a box and I got an acorn looking thing. After much confusion, laughter, and research we finally found out that it is a burr oak acorn. It's quite large and when I was drawing it it just looked like a hairy breast to me.....  I have a few plans for it. We have to remake it in cardboard on a large scale, but we also have to make it an appendage that means something. I kind of want to make it a helmet, or a hammer, or a piece to wear on my waist. We also have to go on a hunt for dots in the outside world. This should be fun because it's like having ADD or tourettes and all you can say is "DOTS!" and then a take a picture. Anyway it's been a rough day.... time for bed...

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