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Sunday, April 17, 2011

BIg Idea

Proposal #1:

A modular madness piece of water bottles. In my car I tend to collect water bottles and jokingly Lee suggested I take over the nook between the office and the tool room and create a waterfall of half filled water bottles. It would kind of seem like a pollution awareness piece.

Proposal #2:

Create a seductive black dress and a wedding dress using trash bags and then create a mirror out of aluminum foil. It seems metaphorical, but I'm not sure what it is yet.... It's also a play on the plastic fusing. The dresses will be hung on very feminine wire mannequins. It could also be a feminist piece about beauty and it only being skin deep or what is beauty or what women are expected to live like.

Proposal #3:

Mark making. I love working with charcoal. It's my medium of choice. I think I could blend my life drawing class in with WASH through charcoal. I could have a drawing I did in life drawing and then create mark making pieces to suggest a mood of the work.

Proposal #4:

Create a painting using pointillism. Instead of using the paint swatches and the dots I'd use actual paint. Current painting idea is unknown...

Proposal #5:

Giant washing machine... Create a washing machine by painting on a table I own to hang on the wall. Have the door be open and all of the art I've created this semester is spilling out of it onto the floor. (sort of a remembrance piece)...

Proposal #6:

Giant color transparency project... Using tissue paper and tracing paper create another piece like the green Audrey Hepburn piece. Source image is currently unknown...

Proposal #7:

Another body as a landscape study. Play with the shadows the body creates and take pictures, but do paintings and pointillism pieces of the photos, or do a color study with my favorite three photos from my first series. This would kind of represent a self portrait to me because I would be using my body for the pictures. Each would represent a mood I'm always feeling or that I feel often.

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