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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Autobiographical Map listing Progress.

For my autobiographical map I'm planning on making it a 3D project that is a collage. I chose this because I struggle so much with collage and I'm trying to force myself to get better at it and actually enjoy it. I plan on making four to five hollow boxes that have one side open. On the outside I was going to paste maps of the places I have lived. Each box will have a pin point of the address of the house I was living in at the time. On the inside of the box it will have memories written down and some pictures of people and things that had happened at the time. Most will end up being dance pictures and pictures of the places I went to school and lived. Each box will be connected by some stair steps and maybe even be able to fold like an accordion. On each stair case between the boxes will be a listing of the school I attended at the time and what grades I attended them from. I started a long list and it's just getting longer.....

Maybe list some friends and random memories I have of them. Churches and things of that sort. I hope it turns out map like...


  1. will the images and stuff on the inside be directly (or close) behind where the geo location is located on the outside of the box...

  2. other thought on interior in terms of collaging? perhaps different section might be collaged in a way that matches the mood or emotion of the part of your life...chaotic, orderly, loud, gentle, joyful, etc???

  3. I'm thinking that the images might be placed in such a way that they kind of point to the location, but I really do like the idea of matching the mood with the collage and make them kind of relate to the major events that happened in my life around the time each box takes place. Maybe make some interactive pieces that can be unfolded or pulled out of pockets or such with short stories that were significant.