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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Modular Maddness In Progress and Finished

collecting bottles (117 bottles roughly)

washing caps

washing caps (collected over 1000)
The process of collecting and washing the caps and bottles was the most stressful because I had to order the caps off of ebay and then hope that they showed up on time. I also had to buy a ton of packs of Snapple and some how figure out what to do with all of the tea. I gave some to the class and drank a whole lot myself, but at the end I just couldn't force myself to drink it anymore.

I epoxied the base of the piece. It's made entirely out of Snapple caps. One note would be that epoxy smells really bad and either needs to be used outdoors or in an extremely well ventilated space. Also epoxy tends to feel greasy when it's "dried". After the base was finished I stacked bottles in columns. Between the columns I put four caps in different patterns. Also between some of the bottles I hung a bottle that didn't have any support. It ended up taller than intended.

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