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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Human Dot Critique

 We gave ourselves a three on craft because not all of the pictures were the same size, type, or style of picture. We also felt that we could have used white paper behind the hands.

We gave ourselves a four for use of white or negative space because the white was the same, but the dots weren't. The different dots changed the white space and made it gray.

We gave ourselves a four for dots because they were good because of the use of different textures on them, but they weren't the same.

We gave ourselves a five for the human element because we minimalized it by just using the hands, but the use of the hands as the background made the human element play a major role because it was the base.

We gave ourselves a five for theme because our theme was texture and we achieved this by using different materials for dots such as pom poms, marbles, and styrofoam balls. Also we played with the texture of our hand and the way the paint formed on the cracks and even cracked on the hands making the human element more present.

We gave ourselves a four for the group process because we executed our project well and quickly. We were efficient and knew exactly what we wanted to do, so this made it easier to work. Also we all worked well together and had a few laughs in the process. We actually had to touch hands, so that kind of made us get along better. Absence of group members is why we bumped our rating down to four.

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