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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reptition and Rhythm

Trying to break free of seeing dots in the outside world has proven difficult. This came true while playing bingo last night, but it has been replaced by seeing repetition and rhythm in thing I wouldn't look at twice. I found these two things in everyday objects such as my shoe or a ceiling fan.

Converse shoe

Bottom of my brown wedges

my fan of course

My favorite of the three above is the wedge (middle). I also noticed it in the pattern of the way my socks were sewn. I also got a feel of rhythm in the way the cord on my Rockband drums twirled around.


Since I used to be, and still am at heart, a dancer when I think rhythm I think dance. Especially tap dance. I can also relate it to heart conditions because I have an abnormally fast rhythm and beat, so in my mind I see an EKG reading because those visuals speak rhythm to me. I also think movement when I hear rhythm, so in an art piece I expect the rhythm to move my eye across the page or create some kind of anxious feeling.

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