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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Different Item Compositions

Thread glued to paper

Ink with rubber spatula

Ink with paper towel

Ink stamped with plastic cup

Ink and shoe tracks

Ink with hair brush
I don't really like ink because it tends to stain hands and anything it gets on so it tends to be super messy. I was a little hesitant to use some of the things I used in ink. These are my favorites out of the twelve, but my favorites out of the six are the thread, the spatula, and the plastic cups. Although the plastic cups gave me some trouble I liked the way they turned out. I kind of didn't want to use that shoe because it's one of my favorites, but I found that the texture on the bottom to be more interesting than any other I had. I was going to sew the thread on the page, but the pack of pins I had wasn't cooperating and wouldn't open. I think the glue worked just fine though. The hair brush was just a cheap one from my purse, so I didn't mind dipping it in ink as much. I like the way the paper towel one turned out a lot it's one of my favorites too. I like the dark lines with the faded in the background.

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