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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Metaphor Proposal 2

Unfortunate relationship proposal

I won't go into details on this story, but the relationship I was in at the time wasn't a good one and I just couldn't find a way out of it because to everyone else we seemed perfect, but to me it was just torture. I felt that I had to stay in this relationship to maintain appearances for everyone else. I didn't expect to get anything more than what I had gotten.

Metaphor type thing:

Living in a maze of a self destructive cage

Birdcages are supposed to be a paradise, but really they are just trapping something that wants to and should be free.

The birdcage would appear to be fragile, perfect, and dainty on the outside. On the inside would be a scene of destruction where obviously something bad happened.


  1. what would metaphorical represent destruction

  2. have the cage caving in on itself? and maybe burn the inside of the cage?

  3. have a lot of destructive objects in the cage? i like this one in particular. it has the most potential to be a great piece. maybe even add some sort of char to the inside of the cage to represent an explosion or war scene.