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Monday, March 21, 2011

Finished Story Line Piece

My original idea for my story line piece changed a lot by the time I was done with mine. I had originally wanted to create frames from styrofoam, paint them black, put a drawing in the back, create a road type thing on the bottom, and hang pictures with the faces blacked out on the inside. After I thought about this for a while and painted some tester styrofoam I decided it wasn't such a good idea. The styrofoam didn't dry well and I felt my overall idea was a little cliche. I decided to reread my story and add a few things to increase the imagery so I could pull from that to create my piece. I finally decided to use picture frames, but since those are expensive I decide to make them out of molding because it's cheaper and a little more durable. After making seven frames that progressively got bigger and much struggling with keeping them together I attached my charcoal drawing to a piece of plywood and then nailed it into the frames. As a suggestion if you want to make picture frames cheaply, use high heat hot glue to keep the corners together. When I looked at the piece at this point I had this strong feeling that it was done and it didn't need anything else done to it.

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