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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Series of Objects Visualized

List of objects:
    • fork
    • pencil
    • controller
    • tv
    • bottle
    • mug
    • plate
    • camera
    • phone
    • ipod
    • laptop
    • headphones
    • shoes
    • dress
    • cat 
    Questions Answered:
  • 1.    Are you better at visualizing people than objects? Or worse?
    What seems to be mentally different?
    • I tend to be better at visualizing objects rather than people. I think it's because there is so much and so many details to focus on when it comes to visualizing people. For objects I find it easier because I can think of a general picture or it may be easier because I use each of these things everyday.
    2.    Are you better at two-dimensional objects than three-dimensional? How so?
    • I'm better at visualizing three-dimensional objects because I find it easier to see them in transition and I can flip them around in my mind.
    3.    Where do you see your image?
    •  I see my image in a general blank space as if they materialized out of thin air. Kind of a black space.
    4.    Is it out in front of your eyes or back in your skull somewhere or somewhere else?
    • They tend to be in the back of my skull somewhere or kind of in the middle of my mind. I think it's because I also visualize the space around them.
    5.    What is brought to bear in these instances is a keen sensitivity to a non-modular perceptivity of sense-data. Why might this be important in your field?
    • Well if I continue with animation I might have to be able to visualize an object or person in motion. I am considering switching back to studio art and it may be necessary to visualize a person or object from different angles when I'm drawing, sculpting, or painting them.

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